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"The Marriage of True Minds." Chronicle of Higher Education. A review of Stephen Greenblatt and Adam Phillips's Second Chances: Shakespeare and Freud.

"Lo Countries." Bookforum. A review of Lucas Rijneveld's novel My Heavenly Favorite (trans. Michele Hutchison).

"Simone Says." Bookforum. A review of Lars Iyer's novel My Weil.

"Why Is No One Talking About Muteness Envy?" Parapraxis. A retrospective on Barbara Johnson, with a focus on her essay "Muteness Envy."

"Uncut Femme." Bookforum. A review of Julia Fox's memoir Uncut Gems.

"Dismaying Maleness." Chicago Review.  A review of Brian Dillon's Affinities.

"Free Speech and Bad Meats: The Domestic Labour of Reading in Milton's Areopagitica." Public Domain Review. A consideration of Milton's views on prepublication censorship in the context of contemporary free speech debates.

"The Funny Thing About Misogyny." Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly. On misogynist jokes in Renaissance lyric poetry, modern and contemporary comedy and film, and everyday life.

“The Lover’s Complaint Concerning His Working Conditions.” Post45 Contemporaries. On the heteropessimism of Renaissance love poets and their legacies.

“The End of the Star System.” Chronicle of Higher Education. On academic celebrity and the state of English as a discipline.


 “Reading Playboy with Barbara Ehrenreich.” Lux. A reconsideration of Ehrenreich's The Hearts of Men 40 years after its publication.


“What Is a Woman?” Gawker. On "transvestigators" and tracing the genealogy of transmisogyny to early modern misogynist discourse.

"Making Light of Plight." Parapraxis. A review of Drew Daniel's The  Joy of the Worm: Suicide and Pleasure in Early Modern English Literature.


“Not Like Other Girls.” Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly. On Eve Babitz.


“Suspended Hell.” n+1. On Twitter and Milton's Paradise Lost.


“Marvell Marvelled.” University of Chicago Press Blog. On Andrew Marvell's poetry on the occasion of his 400th birthday.


“Remembering, Repeating, and Coming To in Early Modern English Recipes.” The Recipes Project. On preserving food and bodies in early modern recipes and Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene.


“Cleaning Up with Erasmus: The Intellectual Laborer as Maintenance Worker.” The Philosopher. On Erasmus of Rotterdam's complaints in his Adages about his working conditions, which in some ways aren't so different from academics' today.

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